Letter From The Editor

Life is either a daring adventure or none at all. – Helen Keller

I dreamed up the idea of LuxeLife Adventures, over 5 years ago, at a time I was starting to get a little bored with life. I looked up one day and realized all I did was work, travel for work, hang out with friends, party at the club, go home, wake up and then start the cycle all over again. Day to day, week by week.

Don't get me wrong, I had a good time in the years since I landed in the public relations industry; I partied with celebs, walked clients down the red carpet at the VMA's, had VIP access to the most exclusive spots, but I craved more. I wanted to try new things and challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone. 

So one day (April 2010) I'm on Twitter and mention I wanted to go indoor rock climbing. I received this overwhelming response from my followers who said if I put it together, they would be there. It was overwhelming as in my first group was 18 people but that was a good start! :) That first outing sparked another experience; flying trapeze in May 2010, then white water rafting, paintball, gun range, ziplining, fencing/wine tasting, etc. As my database kept growing and growing, it became clear to me that people just like me craved the same thing...daring adventure. Thus the idea to turn this passion from a hobby into a real company was born….

Then life got in the way...earlier in 2010 I had just launched my own PR Agency, LuxeLife Media (see what I did there?) and I had to put focus on my bread and butter. Along the way, though, that dream stayed in the back of my mind, along with many people over the years inquiring when I would start back with my group adventures. So in December 2014 that dream came back to life and thus began an exhilarating year of travel all while building this adventure platform behind the scenes.

I celebrated Christmas 2014 in Amsterdam and New Years 2015 in Dubai, after that I road tripped in Arizona, spent 12 hours in Madrid on my way to trek cross-country in Morocco to five cities in 10 days, partied for 24 hours in St. Thomas, then off to sail the British Virgin Islands, scuba dived on a solo trip in Grenada while conquering my fear of being under water (I slid down a waterfall too lol).

What a year.

So in 2016, we bring you LuxeLife Adventures. We are not a travel agency. We are simply architects of adventure. We want to challenge you to step out and explore places where you live and places where your dreams take you. To conquer fears, step outside the box, try new experiences beyond your wildest imagination….and make life a story only you can tell.

Let the adventures begin….


Christina M. Rice, Founder

About Christina:

Christina M. Rice is the Founder/CEO of LuxeLife Media and LuxeLife Adventures, an avid traveler, certified yoga instructor, bookworm, adventure junkie and quintessential dream chaser. She currently resides in New Jersey with offices in New York City.

Twitter: @cricepr
Instagram: @cricepr