Grenada - Falling In Love With The Spice Island

Since I am constantly thinking of something new to do and a new place to explore, it was no surprise to me (or anyone else) that in early September, sitting at a friend’s house, I spontaneously booked a flight to Grenada, exactly 15 days in advance.

I knew back in the summer that it was a time for me to take a solo trip, I had just signed up for a 10-week yoga certification beginning October 11th and running one business while launching another (this one)…my head was spinning. It was time.

Grenada has been on my bucket list since the 2012 Summer Olympics when the network did a feature on two Grenadian brothers who were competing in the games. That was the first time I fell in love with Grenada. The second time was when I discovered the world’s first underwater sculpture park was located there when our social media manager posted it on our @luxelifeadventures page. Now I have (or I did) a fear of drowning (even though I can swim, weird) but I had to see the underwater sculpture park and I was in no way going to snorkel it. I needed to go all the way in. 

That leads me to how the Spice Island truly captured my heart.

So flight is booked, time to plan out my 6-day excursion. I knew this trip was going to transform my life….it would be my first solo trip and I was going to take full advantage of all the island had to offer.  But wait, my first solo trip? Yes. Somehow it has always panned out that way, my trips have been with at least one friend or in large groups. Even though I had always wanted to take a solo trip, it was one of those…"I’ll do it when the time is right"….then the thought creeped in "will I be lonely? Is it safe? Ok…nevermind. I’ll just wait."  That was maybe 3 years ago.

Fast forward to September 2015, I did it. I took the plunge and it was the best gift I could have ever given myself. I checked off numerous items on my bucket list: solo travel, scuba diving, kayaking, standing under a waterfall and more.

I will say that the scuba diving experience was one of the most memorable. I took the 2-hour beginner course the day before, but by the next morning I was still a ball of nerves yet showed up bright and early, ready to go. We arrive at the first dive site and the instructor starts to assist me with putting my gear on, and then it's time to dive in. I went down maybe five feet and panic started to set in, water found its way into my goggles and I immediately came back up. In that moment I realized I only had this oxygen tank to assist in my breathing and once you go down a certain amount of feet, to protect your lungs, you can't come up at a fast pace. So after about a minute of deep breaths and mentally encouraging myself, I told the instructor let's go back down. I came this far, I was not going to be defeated. I dove right in, literally and figuratively. My first dive was 59 minutes, my second 86 minutes. I did it!

As I reflect on my trip, not only did Grenada capture my heart (the food, people, beaches, activities were everything I hoped for and more) but I also discovered a little more about myself....that I am fearless and I can conquer any fear or obstacle that is put in my path.

Much love to my hosts, Terri-Anne Forrester (founder of AnaGranada Contemporary), Kered Clement and Roger Augustine (Grenada Tourism Authority) and Gillian DeBreo (resort manager of Mount Cinnamon Grenada) for making this trip beyond anything I could have imagined!

See below some of my highlights from the Spice Island!

My Grenada Things To See, Do Stay (partial listing)

  • True Blue Bay Resort - Although not directly located on the beach, True Blue Bay was one of the highlights of my trip. My suite was spacious, equipped with a mini kitchen, jacuzzi hot tub and gorgeous view of the resort grounds. The food was scrumptious, the staff friendly and helpful, and the resort activities (kayaking, yoga classes, sailing, on-site scuba dive center) was the reason I didn't leave the grounds for the first two days! They also offer a free shuttle to the beach which is only a 5 minute drive.
  • Scuba Dive - Not everyone wants to scuba dive, Grenada has plenty of locations you can snorkel, but if you decide to take the plunge, it will be a memorable experience. One of Grenada's most popular dive sites is the Underwater Sculpture Park. It will literally take your breath away! 
  • Hike to Seven Sisters Waterfalls - A grueling hike but well worth the trip. Once those beautiful waterfalls come into view, you'll forget what it took to get there!
  • Lunch at Mount Cinnamon Grenada - Whether staying on the beach or at another off-site location, lunch at Mount Cinnamon Grenada on Grand Anse Beach is worth the special trip. I recommend the fish and chips. You'll thank me later!
  • Spice Factory Tour - If you're on the Spice Island visiting a spice factory is a must! You'll be able to take any number of spices back home with you to please your palate with the best of Grenada long after you leave.
  • Friday night live music at Le PhareBleu  - Enjoying live music at Le PhareBleu on my last night in Grenada was the icing on the cake. Not to mention the food was simply amazing.

Drop us a note if you’re planning a trip to Grenada soon and would like us to create a custom itinerary for you including private guides who can show you the best of what the Spice Island has to offer! 


Christina M. Rice, Founder

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